Zen Life Transformative Yoga Mat

Zen Life Transformative Yoga Mat

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This vibrant yoga mat sports an absorbent microfiber top layer bonded to a natural tree rubber base gives you the sweaty grip of a towel and the cushion of a yoga mat. 

  • Ideal for Hot Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, or Boxing
  • Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, Recyclable

  • 100% natural Tree Rubber, Water-based inks

  • Free from silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates

  • Machine washable

  • Includes a strap

  • Non-slip Yoga Mat

  • No towel bunching or moving around during your class.

  • Extra cushion, stability, and responsive grip.

Dimensions: 72 in 26 in x 3 mm 

Weight: 4.l lbs

TIP: At the beginning of your practice lightly spraying water on the top surface of the mat will prevent sliding, if you have dry hands and feet.